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By: Abercrombie & Fitch.

Price: $13.50

Publisher: NY: A&F. 151 p. [Photocopy], 1910

-[Cat. 67-2.] 8vo illus. -Photocopy of 1910 Catalog on 8.5" x 11" paper. Good photocopy. View more info

LAWS Related to Fish and Game 1929-1931.

By: California Division of Fish and Game. J.S Hunter, Editor.

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Sacramento:, California Division of Fish & Game. 288 p., 1928

Edition: Twenty-Sixth Edition.

Pocket-size book with limp oilcloth cover containing laws for managing fish & game. Prior Owner's name 'H.R. Dunbar" inked on cover; Blank spine has taped label of "1929-1931" added. [Cat 71.] 15-0027 r. Good. View more info

THE COSMOPOLITAN. Vol. XX. November 1895-April 1896.

By: Cosmopolitan.

Price: $36.00

Publisher: Irvington-on-the Hudson: Cosmopolitan Press. iv + 686 p. 1896., 1896

Edition: 1st Edition

8vo illus. -[CAT. 62-64.] With wonderful illus. "Coasting Down Some Great Mountains" [Sliding down snow-covered peaks in Northwest with alpensticks] by H.L. Wells pp. 240-248; "The True Story of the Death of Sitting Bull" by Maj. E.G. Fechet pp. 493-501; "Game Fishing in the Pacific" by Charles F. Holder pp 138-146; "Walrus Hunting in the arctic" by L.L. Dyche pp 347-359. Good in worn 1/2 leather boards. View more info


By: Earl of Suffolk [Ed].

Price: $40.50

Publisher: London: William Heinemann. viii + 448 p. 1911, 1911

Edition: 2nd Edition

4to With About Five Hundred Illustrations. "New & Enlarged Edition" -[CAT. 58-77.] Alphabetical coverage ["H" through "R"] of game, fish, sports, by famous authorities; headings for Ibex, Leopard & Panthers, Lion, Lynx, Mackerel, Markhor, Moose, Moufflon, Mule Deer, Muskalonge, Obsolete Sport, Oryx, Ouananiche, Ovis Ammon, Partridge, Perch, Pheasant, Pig-Sticking, Pike, Pisciculture, Pronghorn, Puma, Quail, Rabbits, & many others. Note: The 500 i... View more info

THE ALASKA BOOK. Story of our Northern Treasureland.

By: Frolicher, John C. [Ed].

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Chicago: J.G. Ferguson Publ. Co. 320 p., 1960

Edition: 1st Edition

4to illus. 1st Ed. -CAT. 61-208. Selections from Alaska Sportsman; with 4 Churchill Ettinger illustrations of sheep, moose, & geese. In full brown mission leather. Some wear on edges; Very Good-Fine no DJ. View more info

PRAIRIE AND FOREST: A Description of the Game of North America, with Personal Adventures in their Pursuit.

By: Gillmore, Parker ["Ubique"].

Price: $54.00

Publisher: NY: Harper & Bros., Pulb. 378 p. + adverts. 1874, 1874

Edition: 1st Edition

12mo illus. 1st US Ed. Cat. 65-22. Spine ends worn; Good-Very Good. View more info


By: Herter

Price: $27.00

Publisher: Waseca:, Herter’s Inc. 629 p., 1969

Herter. HERTER’S, INC. CATALOG 79-1969. 4to illus. Waseca: Herter’s Inc. 629 p. 1969. Paperback. [Cat. 2107] 17-0121 z. – Even more STUFF!!! How could we exist without George Leonard Herter?. Very Good. [ $30] $27 View more info

STRAYED SHOTS AND FRAYED LINES Being Classics of American Humor.

By: Howard, John E., Editor.

Price: $54.00

Publisher: Clinton, NJ: Amwell Press. xvii + 407 p. 1982, 1982

Edition: Limited Edition

Inscription: Signed by Author(s)

8vo with Original Line Drawings by Anthony Hillman. Introduction by Gene Hill. 1st Lmt Ed. No. 101 of 1000 Signed Copies. [CAT 54-352 & 65-467.] -Signed by John Howard, Anthony Hillman and Jim Rikhoff. Very Fine in Very Fine Slipcase. View more info


By: Joyce, H. S.

Price: $40.50

Publisher: Swindon: The Borough Press. 104 p. 1934., 1934

Edition: 1st Edition

Inscription: Signed by Author(s)

8vo. illus. by the author. 1st. Ed. -[CAT. 66-493.] - Signed by author on title page and dated 1936. Articles from "The Fishing Gazette;" "Game and Gun;" "The Shooting Times" nicely illustrated by author' sketches. Spine faded; Very Good no DJ. View more info

AN OUTSIDE CHANCE. Essays on Sport.

By: McGuane, Thomas.

Price: $49.50

Publisher: NY: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 243 p., 1980

Edition: 1st Edition

8vo. 1st Ed. [CAT. 63-427.] Fine in Near Fine DJ. View more info


By: Moore, Phil H.

Price: $40.50

Publisher: Boston & NY: Houghton Mifflin Co. xi + 261 p. 1922, 1922

Edition: 1st Edition

8vo illus. 1st Ed. [CAT 54-421 & 65-568.] -With a great chapter on "Wild Editors I Have Known." Very Good no DJ. View more info

THE OUTLOOK. An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Current Events. Annual Out-of-Door Number.

By: Outlook.

Price: $40.50

Publisher: NY:The Outlook Co. 5 issues. [about 50 p. each] 1920-1924, 1920

4to illus. [Cat. 53-98 & 65-609.] - 5 issues: June 9, 1920. "Bird Hunting with Camera; On Angling Cord; How to Set Up Camp; America's Cup." Oct. 12, 1921. "Old World Fishing & New; All Quiet on Marne; Angling on Historic River; Municipal Fishing." July 19, 1923. " Alabama Goes Fishing." Apr. 25, 1923: Henshall, J.A. "Lordly Bass and Lowly Sewage." Nov. 19, 1924. "Hunters and Explorers of Northern Wilds; Speckled Trout." 5 issues. V... View more info

SPORTING GOODS JOURNAL CATALOG 1930. [The Combined Catalog of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Cyclopedia of Sports].

By: Tilton, H.C. [Ed].

Price: $45.00

Publisher: NY: Sporting Goods Journal. 386 p. 1930, 1930

4to illus. - CAT. 59-389. With 7 p. on Archery; 15 p. on Fishing; 39 p. on Shooting; Articles on various sporting activities, as well as a plethora of adverts from the sporting goods manufacturers of the time, making this an interesting period piece. With 16 p. of Trade Mark Names. Very Good-Fine no DJ. View more info


By: Vachell, Horace Annesley.

Price: $58.50

Publisher: London: Eveleigh Nash. xii + 340 p. + 8 p. adverts. 1908, 1908

Edition: 1st Edition

8vo illus. 1st Ed. -With bkplt. of Charles Atwood Kofoid. Wetzel p. 225: "Written by an Englishman who was a resident of the west coast for a great many years. Chapters on sea fishing and fresh water fishing. A rather scarce work." Also include big & small game hunting. [Cat. 47-267 & 62-464.] Very Good-Fine no DJ. View more info



Price: $1,595.00

WATER STRIDER RAFT KICKBOAT. The WATER STRIDER looks like a one-man raft without a floor. It is propelled by oars or fins, and combines the maneuverability of a raft with the freedom and portability of a float tube. The absence of a floor means you can traverse waters that easily flip a regular raft. It weighs less than 30 lb. and can carry over 500 lb. We have taken our rafts through Moose Rapids on the Dean River, BC, a Class III water that has done in many larger raft... View more info